We NEED This Version of Aldi in the US

Aldi is testing a small grocery store in the U.K. Aldi Local is a game-changer we hope makes its way to the U.S.A.

Known for its low prices, no-frills format, eco-friendly business model and so much more, Germany-based discount grocer Aldi has locations across the globe. If you’ve followed Taste of Home for any length of time, you likely know how much we love Aldi. And now, Aldi Local has opened its first location!

This Is What’s in the Store

The flagship Aldi Local is in Balham, South London, England. The 6,400-square-foot store is about half the size of a standard Aldi and has 300 fewer products. It stocks products that are less bulky, making it easier for city dwellers to walk home with their grocery haul. Aldi Local is even organized by “shopping missions,” so you can run in and grab whatever you need faster.

This fresh look should help distinguish its scaled-down stores from existing Aldi locations. It’s like an urban Target compared to a conventional Target: a city location with a smaller storefront and a narrower selection of products but a similar brand experience.

What’s Next for Aldi Local?

Aldi Local is only being tested at Balham for now, and the results will be evaluated before deciding whether to roll out the brand to other locations. But we have high hopes Aldi Local will make its way here.

It would make sense, because major chains like Target and Walmart already have scaled-down stores for city shoppers. Even local chains, like Giant Food (the best grocery store in PA) and Cub in Minneapolis, have small stores in the works.

Even if you’re not a city slicker, who wouldn’t love one more way to make an extra-efficient Aldi stop? We have our fingers crossed that Aldi Local makes its way across the pond in the future!

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