Aldi’s Pawesome New Ice Cream Will Keep Your Pup Cool All Summer Long

Here's the treat to give your dog this summer.

This summer has already brought us the best of the best. (Hello, Trader Joe’s sweet secco Bellinis.) But while we’ve been cooling off with Dairy Queen’s summer menu and all of our favorite frozen treats, we’ve forgotten to throw a bone to the most important member of the family—the dog!

Our favorite budget-friendly grocery chain, Aldi, is teaching ice cream some new tricks this year with all-new Heart to Tail Frozen Dog Treats, aka ice cream for dogs. But if you’re in the mood for some coffee, then you can grab your pup a Puppuccino instead.

It Comes in 2 Fun Flavors

Kibble can’t compare to the creamy flavors of this Aldi find. Your dog can indulge in either Original or Cheese & Bac’n, which obviously makes for the perfect summertime snack. There’s no telling what the Original flavor tastes like unless you try it yourself, but we can imagine it’s something along the lines of meaty and perfect for your pooch.

Aldi’s Heart to Tail ice cream includes gluten-free ingredients and no artificial flavors, meaning dogs with allergies are welcome to get a mouthful, too. The doggy ice cream comes in four individual tubs with 2 cups for the Original lovers and 2 cups for the Cheese & Bac’n cravers. Like real ice cream, this product needs to be kept frozen.

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Get Your Pack to Aldi STAT

We all love specialty Aldi items, but the supermarket loves keeping us in suspense more. Heart to Tail ice cream will be hitting shelves on June 26, but it won’t be sticking around for long. There’s no telling when it will go for a walk, but if we had to guess, we’d say doggy ice cream is only a summer event.

Heart to Tail will only set you back $3, so it’s worth it getting into Aldi and claiming a few packs before summer starts turning up the heat. Trust us, your pup will thank you for it.

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