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Aldi Groceries Will Soon Be Sold at Kohl’s

Kohl's announced partnering with multiple stores to share their space, but we never imagined that this perfect match could ever take place.

When Kohl’s announced they would be renting out extra retail space for groceries, we were convinced our wildest dreams finally came true. But we could have never dreamed of the wonderful partnership that was about to take place. Not only will there be groceries in this popular retailer, but there will be Aldi groceries. It’s a grocery/department store match made in heaven that has us wanting to throw confetti everywhere.

After releasing their quarterly sales report on Thursday (which Kohl’s reported the largest increase in sales since 2001), it was revealed that 10 different Kohl’s locations would be getting Aldi in their empty retail spaces. Although the 10 test spaces are unknown at the moment, we can only hope that our nearest Kohl’s ends up being one of them.

If you weren’t yet aware, Kohl’s decided on a “less is more” strategy with the store’s products, and will be giving some of the extra store space to different partners. Kevin Mansell (the Kohl’s CEO, chairman, and president) told CNBC that the company will be readjusting roughly 300 different stores over the past several years, making way for “a whole list of partners”, which we now know includes Aldi. So not only will you get cheap clothes with all those Kohl’s cash coupons, but you’ll be getting your essential groceries all in the same building. Could life truly get any better than that?

Numerous media companies are pointing out that this could potentially be a threat to popular store chains such as Target or Walmart, who have found success in adding a grocery department within their store. This can easily give Kohl’s a leg-up compared to other department stores, even popular ones such as Macy’s.

Along with grocers and other convenience stores, Kohl’s is considering partnering with fitness centers as well. Could Kohl’s soon be your one-stop-shop for all of your daily essentials? Potentially! Kohl’s already has a partnership with Amazon by providing Kiosks that sell Amazon devices in multiple stores.

As Kohl’s continues to announce partnerships for their hundreds of stores, we will be patiently waiting for the reveal of these 10 new Aldi test spaces in Kohl’s. And if you’ve never been to an Aldi, here are five things you should know before shopping there.


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