You Can Choose Which Aldi Items Are Fan Favorites This Year—Here’s How

How do we vote for Aldi's dessert hummus?!

Is Aldi the best grocery store ever? Well, OK, we all have our favorite spots, but there’s a good reason people love Aldi. No one can get enough of Aldi’s low prices, the store’s convenient layout and, of course, the food.

Now, Aldi wants to know what we think about its grocery selection, so they’ve brought back the Fan Favorites program for a second year—and there are definitely incentives to participate. Read on to learn more!

What Is Fan Favorites?

Basically, Aldi’s Fan Favorites program is meant to help new customers see which items shoppers really love. It’s similar to the Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Awards that way. Fans can nominate their favorite products in a ton of different categories (like “Better Than the Brand,” “Dessert” and more) and explain why each product is a must-have for shoppers. The items that win will be marked with a Fan Favorites logo, so we can easily find ’em in the store. That way, we all know what we should be buying—along with these items we always buy at Aldi.

If you don’t have an Aldi near you, that might soon change. Even in the midst of this pandemic, the chain is set to open at least 70 more stores in the United States this year. So, you might be able to start shopping there soon, if you haven’t already.

See what products made the list of Fan Favorites in 2019.

How to Choose Fan Favorites for 2020

But there’s something in this for shoppers, too. Everyone who takes the survey will be entered to win one of 20 $100 Aldi gift cards, and if that doesn’t convince you to take this survey, we don’t know what will. As many of us know, a hundred bucks goes a very, very long way at Aldi!

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