Aldi Has a Brand-New Dessert and It Looks So Good

Grab a quarter for your shopping cart—we’re going to Aldi for a slice of cobble cake.

Aldi has won plenty of shoppers over with its great deals on healthy food (here’s what our dietician recommends) and a gorgeous $59.99 stand mixer. But here’s yet another reason to shop there: Cobble Cake.

It’s a glorious mash-up of a fruit cobbler and a cheesecake, so it’s no surprise that we’re ready to eat dessert before dinner.

Everything We Know About Cobble Cake

aldi cobble cakeALDI

Look out for two flavors, at least to start: Blackberry and Peach. (We’re so obsessed with peach desserts!)

The flavors sound equally delicious:

Blackberry Cobble Cake: cheesecake batter mixed with cobbler and fresh blackberry filling, topped with butter crumbs

Peach Cobble Cake: cheesecake batter mixed with cobbler and a sweet peach filling, topped with butter crumbs

It’s the best of both worlds: all the creamy richness of a classic cheesecake plus the buttery, fruity goodness of a cobbler. Both flavors come frozen and have six slices per box. That’s enough to share, right?

Cobble Cake will be available for a limited time starting on October 24. It’s priced at $5.99, so roughly $1 per slice. For now, we’ve got an Apple Cobbler Cheesecake recipe that’s absolutely worth baking at home.

How to Buy a Cobble Cake (and Other Aldi Finds)

Aldi Finds like this are only on the shelf for a short time. To be sure you’ll pick up a Cobble Cake, plan to shop on the release date (usually a Wednesday) first thing in the morning.

When shoppers love Aldi Finds, there’s a good chance the products will be back soon!

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