Aldi Has Bubbly Canned Margaritas Perfect for Poolside Sipping This Summer

They are SPARKLING canned margaritas. Genius!

Aldi is quickly becoming our one-stop shop for summer drink. It was already our go-to for bottles of pineapple mimosa and watermelon wine. Now, there’s a new reason to pay a visit to this beloved store: bubbly canned margaritas!

We love canned cocktails because they’re the perfect low-fuss summertime drink. Plus, they’re safer and more practical than bottles or glasses if you’re having fun al fresco or by the pool.

What Do We Know About the Fizzy Margaritas?

If you love the fizz of sparkling water or other canned cocktails, you’re going to love Aldi’s RanchoLa Gloria lime margaritas with bubbles.

These brand-new cans were spotted in the wild by Instagram account @aldi.mademedoit. They’re sold in four-packs and come in at 9.9% ABV. We can’t decide whether the best part about these margaritas is that they’re carbonated—or that they’re only $6.99 per pack. That’s less than $2 a can!

Luckily, Aldi offers delivery via Instacart across the country, so you might not even have to stop into your local store to snag a four-pack.

Can You Make DIY Fizzy Margaritas?

The whole point of canned cocktails is convenience, but sometimes you want to channel your inner mixologist and whip up a batch of margaritas. We understand!

Making the classic margarita is simple. You’ll need tequila, triple sec, lime juice and sugar. Purists can serve their margaritas on the rocks, but everyone knows frozen drinks are more fun for the summer. You can also add a splash of champagne for fizz. However you serve the margaritas, don’t forget the salt rim!

Our Best Homemade Margarita Recipes
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