Aldi Is Selling a Blackberry Merlot for $3.99 Right Now

You need this blackberry merlot in your life—and in your glass.

It looks like Aldi has done it again. Everyone’s favorite discount grocer has yet another fruity sipper just in time for summer. And this time the flavor is out of the ordinary—it’s a blackberry merlot. Sweet!

Psst: You blackberry fanatics are in luck, because we have all kinds of juicy blackberry recipes, from cobblers to jams.

What Does It Taste Like?

You’re going to love Aldi’s Fruity Haze Blackberry Merlot. Imagine a deep, dark red wine made even more luscious with the flavor of ripe blackberry. Aldi describes it as a “varietal wine with natural fruit aromas that perfectly complement the wine’s flavor.” It will make a tasty summer cocktail, too.

You could pour a nice glass of blackberry merlot and call it a day. You could also add a touch of sparkling water or—even better—sparkling wine like prosecco and make a delicious wine spritzer. We bet this blackberry merlot would make a wonderful base for a red wine sangria, too. Just add a cupful of berries for extra zing.

How Can I Get the Blackberry Merlot?

It’s at Aldi for a limited time. This blackberry merlot is only $3.99 per bottle, so grab two. It wouldn’t hurt to stock up on Aldi sangria and watermelon wine while you’re there as well.

Things are still getting back to normal, so if you can’t shop online or use grocery pickup, please remember to practice good social distancing etiquette—and don’t forget to wear a mask for good measure.

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