Aldi Is Selling Birthday Cake Popcorn to Celebrate Your Special Day (or ANY Day)

It's the present we didn't know we wanted!

Popcorn is having a weird year. The places typically associated with popcorn—namely, movie theaters, theme parks and sports games—have all gone dark. Sure, we eat the crunchy, buttery stuff at home, but not for any special reason, like a long-awaited movie release or a Friday night baseball game.

Now, Aldi is popping by with something to celebrate: birthday cake popcorn!

We’re Blowing Out the… Kernels?

This is an unconventional combination, but it definitely seems like it could work. After all, sweet and salty is kettle corn’s whole thing. Aldi fans won’t be surprised to hear it’s made by Clancy’s, the same company that brought us dill pickle popcorn and dill pickle potato chips—other slightly wacky but incredible-tasting snacks.

Because it’s Aldi, you can be certain this sweet treat won’t break the bank. A 5-ounce bag will only set you back $1.99, which is a small price to pay for such a truly epic dessert.

Here’s why we love Aldi’s store-brand stuff—and you should, too.

Where Can I Find It?

Even if it’s your birthday, we advise against heading over to Aldi to pick this up in person. It’s a good thing Aldi is offering delivery around the country! Make sure to put in your order through Instacart. Oh, and you might want to add a couple wine-based margaritas to your virtual shopping cart, too.

Since it’s an Aldi Finds item, there’s a good chance this sweet snack is seasonal, so there’s no time to lose. And hey, even if it’s not your birthday, this cake-flavored popcorn will definitely make any ordinary day special!

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