Why Does Aldi Put So Many Barcodes on Its Items?

It's all about efficiency, of course.

When it comes to buying groceries that are both high quality and cheap, Aldi is the place to be. My family’s been shopping at Aldi for as long as I can remember, and for good reason. They have all your typical grocery staples without the name-brand price. Not only that, the stores are easy to navigate and every shopping experience is quick and efficient. Plus, we love having a reason to use our Aldi quarter keychains!

Extra Barcodes Make Checkout Extra Fast

Aldi Trash Bags with Barcodes on every sidevia truecouponing.com

If you’ve ever shopped at Aldi for garbage bags or any other Aldi store brand item, you’ve probably noticed the multitude of barcodes all over the packaging. You might be thinking the Aldi barcodes all mean something different, and if so, that it’s impossible for employees to keep everything straight! But it’s not that complicated.

Aldi barcodes tend to be large and impossible to miss to help employees scan items quickly. With barcodes on almost every side of the packaging, cashiers can zip products through without having to stop and check to see what side needs to be scanned. Every side is the right side!

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Why Does Aldi Want Faster Checkouts?

Aldi prides itself on efficiency. By adding large barcodes to every side of product packaging, your cashiers can work swiftly so you can be out and on your way as soon as possible. Because who wants to stand around in line all day?

The faster Aldi cashiers work, the more customers can get in and out of the store. A model like that will make everyone happy.

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