People Are Making “Adult Capri Sun” Drinks with Bags of Frozen Fruit and Wine

This recipe for boozy adult Capri Suns is all over TikTok!

It’s probably been a few years since the last time you sipped on a Capri Sun. The juice pouches are a major hit with kids, but as an adult, there are probably other beverages you’d prefer. Now, adults on TikTok have drawn inspiration from Capri Suns to make a boozy version of the juice pouch!

Adult Capri Suns are made with frozen fruit, so they’re a great refresher for the hot days ahead. And you can save the real Capri Suns to make kid-friendly Capri Sun popsicles.

How to Make an Adult Capri Sun

Next time you’re at the grocery store and toss a box of Capri Sun in your cart, grab a couple of things for yourself. This recipe from TikTok requires nothing more than a bottle of wine, a bag of frozen fruit and an optional seltzer for some fizz.

Right now, people are using the bags of frozen fruit from Aldi, which come in a variety of flavors like berry and tropical fruit. You can also use budget-friendly Aldi wine for this recipe.

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One of the best features of this recipe is that it’s completely customizable. On TikTok, we’ve seen people using white wine or fruit-flavored wine, and if you crave a little carbonation, normal or spiked seltzers can be added for bubbles. To assemble your adult Capri Sun, dump everything in the bag of fruit, mix and sip.

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