Act II Is Releasing Cotton Candy-Flavored Popcorn—and It Definitely Pops BLUE

Yep—that mascot is a "llamacorn."

We all love cotton candy. Who doesn’t? It’s a beloved childhood treat, and we’re always thrilled to see cotton candy-flavored treats pop up on Instagram. First, there was Cotton Candy Cap’n Crunch. Then everyone was searching for a Dairy Queen with cotton candy dipped cones.

Now, Act II has announced a brand-new popcorn that tastes like cotton candy!

Is This Cotton Candy Popcorn Really Blue?

Yes—but we have no idea how Act II makes that magic happen. Each kernel of popcorn is bright blue, like a piece of the classic cotton candy. Even though this snack is probably meant for kids, we’re pretty excited to snack on it ourselves and see if the flavor is as authentic as the color.

Instagram user @dadbodsnacks posted a teaser photo of the Llama Party Popcorn, along with some other brand-new treats. This party in a box even comes with “llamacorn” temporary tattoos!

When Can I Find Llama Party Popcorn?

It should hit store shelves in September of 2020. Until then, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the popcorn aisle.

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