8 Bargains at Dollar Tree You’re Going to Love

Everything is really $1 or less at Dollar Tree!

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Dollar Tree is one of only a couple dollar stores where everything is actually $1. That makes this gem of a store a must when you’re shopping for large family meals on a budget or a holiday party, or even need to stock up on everyday at-home items. I’m happy to let you in on my dollar store secrets–these are 8 things I always look for:

1. Fun Party Supplies

Hosting a party? Dollar Tree is easily the most cost-effective place to get the items you need. From plastic tablecloths and cutlery to kid-friendly decorations and gift wrap, they have everything.

Making your own birthday cake or cupcakes? Dollar Tree is my go-to for box cake mix as well. (You can also use that box mix to whip up something that will wow your guests.)

2. Kids’ Classroom Stuff

If you’re a parent or a teacher, you know that things like crayons, stickers, and notebooks add up. Dollar Tree has these items at a fraction of the cost of other stores. For teachers, they often have classroom decor, too.

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3. Home Decor

Dollar Tree also boasts some amazing finds for everyday decor at your house or even for a large event like a wedding–yes, I said wedding. You can find vases, artificial flowers, ribbon, and more that will save you money and look gorgeous.

4. Quality Kitchen Utensils

I’m forever losing (or ruining) wooden spoons and spatulas. Dollar Tree has a large selection of these items that are good quality. I even find a lot of Rubbermaid-brand items at my store.

For wedding showers, you can make a fun shower gift by loading up the bride-to-be with new kitchen gadgets.

5. Cheap Cleaning Supplies

It has never made sense to me to spend a ton of money on sponges, rags, bleach, or other cleaning supplies. These are all items that get used frequently and will get thrown away. You can pick these up–plus buckets and brooms.

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6. Holiday & Seasonal Items

My local Dollar Tree always has a row or two just for holidays. I’ve picked up Valentine’s Day cards, things for Easter baskets, everything but the orange for Christmas stockings, and even awesome decorations for Halloween.

7. Office Supplies

Any other stationary junkies out there? You know who you are! Pick up pens, sticky notes, correction fluid (like Wite-Out), markers, highlighters, notebooks, index cards, and envelopes at Dollar Tree. You’ll save money and stay organized, which is the best of both worlds.

8. Your Favorite Snacks

You might not know it, but many of your favorite snacks are staples at Dollar Tree. Chips and pretzels are always a great deal there, and you can stock up on movie theater-sized candy. Yum!

Dollar Tree definitely has deals for us. But wait–there’s more! Make sure you know about all the best dollar store food buys, too.

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