7 Vegetables You Didn’t Know You Could Spiralize

You might have made zucchini noodles or curly fries with your spiralizer. But why limit yourself? Get creative and try these spiralized vegetables.

Spiralled courgette spaghetti with green pesto and cherry tomatoesPhoto: Shutterstock / Bartosz Luczak
Photo: Shutterstock / Bartosz Luczak

Whether you’re trying to reduce carbs with a nutrient-rich veggie noodle or just looking for fun ways to present food (especially to kids), spiralized vegetables and potatoes are great options.

And a lot of grocery stores have caught on, so in addition to selling prechopped and sliced veggies, some are offering prepackaged spiralized vegetables, too. While these are perfect when you’re short on time, home cooks can absolutely do the spiralizing themselves (and save a few bucks). Whether you opt for handheld, hand-cranked or electric, a spiralizer is a handy tool to have in your arsenal. (You can also use a knife, peeler or grater for a similar effect.) Check out this step-by-step guide to spiralizing zucchini noodles.

Zucchini noodles and curly fries are well-known reasons to spiralize. But have some fun with your new tool and try these spiralized options:


Whether you’re roasting, sauteeing, boiling or serving raw, beets add a rich, colorful splash to a dish. Spiralize the root vegetable instead of slicing to make this Chilled Beet Salad or Citrus and Roasted Beets Salad.

Bell pepper

After you remove the stem and seeds, spiralize the widest part of the veggie. Whether green, red, orange or yellow, curly bell peppers can be used raw, sauteed or roasted and added to pasta salads, noodle dishes and salads, or served as a side dish. Experiment with your curly peppers in pastas like this Bell Peppers and Pasta dish. They’d also make a beautiful addition to Roast Beef with Peppers.


Wait, we can spiralize broccoli? Yes, but just the stem. Roast, bake or saute this nutritious veggie and add it (along with the florets) to salads, pastas and stir-fries—like Beef Broccoli Stir-Fry or Noodles with Broccoli. Spiralizing the stems could put a new spin on Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli, too.


Peel and cut the ends off first. Add raw, spiralized carrots to any green salad or pasta salad (like Hearty Pasta Salad). They’d make beautiful, nutritious additions to noodle dishes, too.


Make your garden salads and Cucumber Salads more intriguing. (Peel or not—up to you.)


Once you’ve peeled the jicama and sliced off the ends, you’re ready to spiralize and then roast, saute or serve raw. Use it in  Jicama Slaw with Peanuts.


First, be sure you’ve removed the outer skin. Then spiralize away. Caramelize and add atop a steak, or add raw to a salad like Blueberry-Orange Onion Salad.

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