5 Summer Kitchen Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

We never knew how easy it was to keep Popsicles from dripping!

Two glasses of iced coffee on a table with scattered coffee beans and red and blue striped straws


We can’t think of anything more quintessentially summer than chomping on an ear of corn, enjoying a frozen Popsicle in the sun or mixing up some homemade lemonade-but did you know there are easier ways to enjoy your favorite seasonal treats? Read on to discover our favorite summer cooking hacks, and you’ll never view these foods the same way again!

1. Don’t Let Your Beverages Get Watered Down

When you’re entertaining outdoors, it’s easy to dump a few ice cubes in each drink to keep everything cool. Once those melt, however, nothing is going to taste as good as it did originally. Preserve the taste of your beverages by upgrading what you use as ice! Experiment by using frozen lemon slices in your lemonade, frozen coffee cubes in your cold brew or frozen grapes in your wine. (Speaking of frozen grapes, we bet you’ve never heard of these odd ways to eat grapes!)

2. Get More Juice Out of Each Lemon

I’ll never make summer lemonade the same way again. Roll lemons, limes and other hard-peel fruits on the counter before squeezing and you’ll find that it makes them easier to use. By using this hack, you loosen the juices inside the fruit. Microwaving for 20 to 30 seconds also works like a charm.

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3. Enjoy Popsicles, Mess-Free

Love a cool, refreshing Popsicle, but hate that pesky, sticky drip? I did, too, until I met muffin cups. Just poke your Popsicle stick through a paper muffin-tin liner and allow the cup to collect drips (instead of your hand). That’s one way to keep the kids-and yourself-from getting messy.

4. Cool Down Drinks Faster

If you forgot to chill the pink wine, it’s not time to say “No way, rosé” just yet. There is a solution! Wrap any drink in a wet towel (paper or cloth) and put it in the freezer to expedite the chilling process. The damp towel will cool faster than the beverage, in turn cooling it even more.

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5. Cut Corn Without Showering the Counter with Kernels

As a former kid with braces, I remember the painstaking process of taking the kernels off my corn every time I wanted to enjoy it. Conveniently, now that the braces are off, I’ve found a simple hack to cut the corn without making a mess: Bundt pans! Place the cob in the center of the pan and use a sharp knife to coerce the kernels into the pan. Then, tilt it over a plate and voila: A clean and easy way to enjoy corn off the cob.

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With these clever cooking hacks, your summer snacking will never be the same. Next time you’re entertaining, grab your muffin cups, wet towels and a Bundt pan.

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