We Tried This Viral 5-Second Garlic Peeling Hack—and Here’s What Happened

Can you really peel an entire bulb of garlic in seconds? We found out.

TikTok has become the go-to place for cooking and kitchen tips and tricks, like the best way to clean burnt pots and how to fill an ice cube tray properly. But we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this latest video that helps you peel an entire bulb of garlic in seconds.

Yes, you read that right—seconds!

How to Quickly Peel Garlic

TikToker @olivares.barce posted the original video showing this quick and easy trick for peeling garlic in no time at all. Here’s how it works: Slice a bulb of garlic in half—horizontally about a third of the way up from the root—preferably with a large knife. Place both sides with the flat, freshly-cut part facing down. After a forceful smash on top of the garlic using the flat side of the knife, the skin is removed and the smooth clean bulbs are ready to be used in your favorite recipe.



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We had to find out it if could really be that simple.

So, Does it Work?

Not for me! This method was too good to be true. After a few failed attempts of my own, I enlisted the help of my mother and my sister—both are excellent chefs, so I was hoping one of them would have the magic touch. Between five bulbs of garlic, two different knives and lots of muscle to smash the tops of the halved bulbs, we had zero luck. One or two clean cloves popped out, but, for the most part, all we did was make a big mess!

Maybe we did something wrong, because some users on TikTok have commented that this method has been successful for them. In the meantime, we’ll stick with the hack using the microwave to easily peel garlic—it was way more successful.

Will you give this hack a try?

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