Winter Breakfast

A hot, hearty breakfast is a great way to start any day—especially in wintertime. Fuel your day's activities with these breakfast favorites.

Apple Spice Waffles Recipe

Apple Spice Waffles Recipe

Apple Spice Waffles
These Apple Spice Waffles are cozy and comforting anytime, morning or evening. The smell of toasty waffles with apples is sure to warm you up even on the most blustery of winter days.
—Jane Sims, De Leon, Texas

Peaches & Cream French Toast
Wake up your sleepyheads with the wonderfully warm aroma of peaches and brown sugar in this delectable Peaches & Cream French Toast bake.
—Susan Westerfield, Albuquerque, New Mexico

High-Octane Pancakes
Fluffy and health-packed, I rely on these High-Octane Pancakes to jumpstart frosty winter mornings and keep me fueled up all day long. They’re scrumptious!
—Kelly Hanlon, Strasburg, Colorado

Fruity Baked Oatmeal
This is my husband's favorite breakfast treat and the ultimate comfort food. Fruity Baked Oatmeal is warm, filling and always a hit when I serve it to guests.
—Karen Schroeder, Kankakee, Illinois

Spicy Scrambled Egg Sandwiches
I take family breakfasts in hand with these energy-building muffins-to-go. Spicy Scrambled Egg Sandwiches are packed with veggies, flavor and easy-to-swallow nutrition!
—Helen Vail, Glenside, Pennsylvania

Berry-Filled Doughnuts
Just four ingredients are all you'll need for these sure-to-be-popular Berry-Filled Doughnuts. Friends and family will never guess that refrigerated buttermilk biscuits are the base for these golden, jelly-filled doughnuts.
—Ginny Watson, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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