Tips for Grocery Shopping

$5 dollars a gallon for milk! $2 for a loaf of bread! Food prices are on the rise, making it hard for families to put a nutritious meal on the table. Here are some cool ways to save.

  1. Pick products on the top and bottom shelves: You'll find larger sizes and less expensive items stocked here.
  2. Buy store brands: Don't be fooled by those fancy name-brand labels. Store brands are generally cheaper and have the same quality as the name brand
  3. Avoid buying prepared and packaged goods: We know they're convenient, but they're also pricey. Avoid frozen dinners and pasta salad mixes. While ready in a snap, they're costly and often loaded with extra salt, sugar and fat
  4. Join grocery savings clubs: While it is another card in the wallet, you can save quite a few dollars by joining. These programs are free and will entitle you to members-only savings. Check out your local grocer's website for more details.
  5. Download coupons: The coupon is making a comeback &mdash in a digital way. Check out sites such as or for weekly coupons.
  6. Join a warehouse club: Businesses like Costco and Sam's Club allow you to get a whole lot for your buck. Buy staple items and dry goods in bulk and save the grocery store for perishables.
  7. Buy what's in season: This time of year there's a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Watch for sales at the store or shop at local farmer's markets. Freeze extras for fall and winter and you'll save even more!
  8. Family Size: Watch for deals on family-size packages of chicken breast and other meats. Divide them up into plastic freezer bags and store in the freezer until ready to use.