Not the outdoors type? Roughing it outside is a lot easier when you're only 50 feet away from your comfy bed. Why not try "camping with training wheels" by having a staycation in your own backyard this year? Here are some ideas for making it a time to remember:

  • Grilling is the ultimate outdoor-lover's way to cook. Like the cavemen cooking over the firepit, you can grill your favorite cuts of meat — from hot dogs to steak. Skewered foods, or kabobs, work on a traditional, grated grill or over a simple campfire.
  • If you don't have a grill or a place to start a campfire, try fondue. Every course of the meal can be cooked in one of these handy pots. Try our Mongolian Fondue to truly experience the depth of fondue cooking.
  • Nothing says "camp cuisine" like roasting marshmallows over an open flame to make ooey, gooey s'mores. You can have the same type of fun at home by finding a stick in the backyard, then cooking the tasty treats over the flame of your grill or fireplace.
  • Classic Campfire Taco Salad or "Frito Pie," is an easy-to-make, tasty outdoor treat that can be made within its own wrapper. Simply heat a can of chili in a pan, pour over a bag of corn chips and top with cheese and onions. Easy as "pie!"
  • Can't quite get up enough nerve to sleep in the backyard? Then just pull out your sleeping bag and take a snooze in the middle of your living room. Make a tent by draping a large sheet from the back of your couch to the backs of your dining room chairs. Voila! Instant tent.
  • Turn out the lights and tell stories, or make shadow hand puppets by the glow of your trusty flashlight — giggles will ensue.
  • Tune up the world's oldest instrument — your voice. Search online for the words to classic campfire songs.
  • It may not be the 60s anymore, but Jiffy Pop is still in business. Pull out one of these self-contained "popping pans" of fun to cook popcorn in the fireplace, on the grill or in your outdoor firepit.

Note: Remember to practice fire safety when using candles or fireplaces.