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From Taste of Home Quick & Easy Spring 2009

Taste of Home Quick & Easy Spring 2009

p. 10 Homemade Pancakes
Your homemade pancakes will turn out light and fluffy if you follow these tips. Watch video»

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p. 13 Tips for Crepes
Making crepes is easier than you think. There are so many recipes for these little French delights! Make your favorite for brunch or a light supper. Watch video»

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p. 14 Leeks
Leeks are part of the onion family and add great flavor to soups, casseroles or egg recipes. Here are some useful ways to use this delicious vegetable. Watch video»

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p. 20 Making Biscuits
Light, flaky homemade biscuits are delicious with breakfast or a down-home dinner. Here's how to make perfect biscuits every time using your favorite recipe! Watch video»

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p. 22 Kneading
After you've learned the proper kneading technique, your breads will have a beautiful texture. Try these techniques on your favorite bread recipe. Watch video»

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p. 26 Peeling and Deveining Shrimp
When buying shrimp, save money by peeling and deveining them yourself. Here are some methods for preparing these little morsels for your next recipe. Watch video»

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p. 28 Using Fresh Garlic
Garlic adds wonderful flavor to many savory dishes. Learn how to utilize this fresh kitchen essential for your home recipes. Watch video»

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p. 41 Homemade Broth
Preparing homemade broth is easier than you think. These tips are perfect for your favorite soup recipe, or any dish that calls for homemade broth! Watch video»

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p. 42 Shredded Meat
Shredded beef or pork sandwiches are popular at restaurants, but they're easy to make at home. Try these recipes for a delicious lunch or dinner. Watch video»

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p. 48 Toasting Nuts
Toasted nuts add a crunchy zip to this cake. Watch video»

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p. 50 Washing Greens
Properly washed greens keep longer in the refrigerator and stay crisp for salads. Here's how! Watch video»

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p. 53 Gelatin Mold
Releasing a gelatin salad or dessert from its mold is easy if you follow these simple steps. Watch video»

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p. 58 Soft Bread Crumbs
Fresh bread crumbs give a light, airy coating to breaded foods. Here are some methods in using these delicious crumbs to heighten any meal. Watch video»

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p. 62 Stir-Fries
Stir-fries are quick, flavorful, nutritious and perfect for dinner. Follow these tips with your favorite recipe for a perfect stir-fry in no time. Watch video»

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