Wassail Recipes

Looking for the perfect Christmas punch recipe? Throw in a few mulling spices and a little apple cider and you've got the makings for a tasty wassail recipe

Breakfast WassailBreakfast Wassail

This fruity Breakfast Wassail beverage is great all year-round, and tasty hot or chilled. I got the recipe from a co-worker and made it one Christmas for a family gathering. Now whenever we get together for the holidays, I'm the designated wassail-maker.
—Amy Holtsclaw, Carbondale, Illinois

Cider WassailCider Wassail

This Cider Wassail recipe came from a dear friend in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where we lived for many years. Since it's warm, wonderful and non-alcoholic, we've even served it at church. It's also perfect for a holiday open house.
—Maryellen Hays, Wolcottville, Indiana

Citrus WassailCitrus Wassail

I found this healthy Citrus Wassail recipe in a cookbook. My daughter first prepared it to go with our day-after-Thanksgiving leftovers meal, and everyone loved it!
—Julie Williquette, Hartselle, Alabama

Holiday WassailHoliday Wassail

Apricots lend golden color and goodness to this fruity Holiday Wassail beverage.
—Ruth Seitz, Columbus Junction, Iowa

Wassail Bowl PunchWassail Bowl Punch

All ages will enjoy this warming Wassail Bowl Punch. The blend of spice, fruit and citrus flavors is scrumptious.
—Margaret Harms, Jenkins, Kentucky

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