Pickle Recipes

Add sweet pickles, dill pickles or pickle relish to your favorite dishes to boost flavor

Pickle Recipes

Pickle Recipes

Inside-Out Sandwiches
We travel a lot, and I want my family to eat right while we're away from home, so I pack a cooler full of these fun sandwiches. You can use different luncheon meats, cheeses, sweet or sour pickles and white or wheat bread to suit your tastes.
—Paula Truksa, Jewett, Texas

Turkey Vegetable Skillet
As everyone who raises a garden knows, zucchini grows overnight! I never like to let anything go to waste, so I try adding this hearty squash to every recipe I can. This dish has the fresh taste of summer.
—June Formanek, Belle Plaine, Iowa

Egg Salad Sandwiches
The ingredients in this sandwich are simple, yet each one accentuates the flavor, making it hard to stop with just one bite!
—Anna Jean Allen, West Liberty, Kentucky

Dilly Coleslaw
When I took this coleslaw to a church function, I came home with an empty bowl! You can easily double the recipe for a larger group. It's not your typical slaw—with chopped dill pickles and a sweet-tart dressing featuring pickle juice.
—Carrie Roberts, Porterville, California

Asparagus Salad
Asparagus is our favorite vegetable, so when it's in season, I try every possible way to prepare it. This attractive salad appears on our table often. Pickle juice gives the dressing a distinctive flavor. -Peggy
—Davies, Canon City, Colorado

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