Nutmeg Recipes

Freshly grated nutmeg or ground nutmeg flavors holiday cookies and other comfort food recipes

Nutmeg Recipes

Nutmeg Recipes

Nutmeg Facts

  • The nutmeg tree produces the only tropical fruit that makes two different spices—nutmeg and mace.
  • Nutmeg might imply it's a nut, but it's not. It's the kernel of the apricot-like fruit found on the nutmeg tree.
  • During Elizabethan times, the spice was thought to ward off the plague. It didn't.
  • Nutmeg tastes best when freshly grated. One whole nutmeg equals 2-3 teaspoons grated.
  • Its warm, sweet-spicy flavor complements holiday cookies, eggnog and mulled cider as well as sweet potatoes, custard, soups and sauces.

Nutmeg Recipes

Apricot Nutmeg BreadApricot Nutmeg Bread

Slices of this fruity Apricot Nutmeg Bread are good for breakfast when toasted and spread with fresh strawberry jam.
—Anna Kinney, Farmington, New Mexico

Creamy Nutmeg ChickenCreamy Nutmeg Chicken

Being a new mom on a small budget, I've been experimenting with chicken recipes. I actually wanted to make another dish but didn't have all the ingredients, so I substituted a few and came up with this Creamy Nutmeg Chicken recipe.
—Candi Ondracek, West Sacramento, California

Nutmeg Brussels SproutsNutmeg Brussels Sprouts

This lightly spiced Nutmeg Brussels Sprouts side dish uses only a handful of ingredients for maximum ease. The trick with brussels sprouts is, don't overcook them!
—Gladys De Boer, Castleford, Idaho

Nutmeg WafflesNutmeg Waffles

Bake an extra batch of these tender, golden Nutmeg Waffles on the weekend. Eat one, then freeze the other in packages of two, to pop in the toaster and reheat on hurried mornings. Nutmeg adds to their warm, feel-good flavor!
—James Christensen, St. Anthony, Idaho

Frosted Nutmeg LogsFrosted Nutmeg Logs

This is my son's favorite Christmas cookie. It is a very old recipe that I have used many times. These delightful Frosted Nutmeg Logs have great nutmeg flavor and are a perfect way to ring in the holidays.
—Janie Colle, Hutchinson, Kansas

Toffee-Pecan Nutmeg CakesToffee-Pecan Nutmeg Cakes

A brown-sugar crust makes this nicely spiced snack cake a little different. It's especially good served with a scoop of ice cream. Toffee-Pecan Nutmeg Cakes are our family's most-asked-for dessert.
—Roberta Ashcroft, Twin Falls, Idaho