How to Throw an Ice Cream Party

Make your own ice cream or use a variety of store-bought ice cream for your own ice cream social

How to Throw an Ice Cream Party

How to Throw an Ice Cream Party

It's never too hot to party when ice cream is involved.

So instead of your usual burger bash, throw an ice cream-tasting party for some yummy fun that beats the heat.

These entertaining tips will make your party the coolest thing on the block:

  • Stock a buffet table with tiny plastic spoons, small ice cream cups, cute paper napkins and several flavors of homemade ice cream. Better yet, serve up a variety of icy treats, such as gelato, sherbet and sorbet.
  • Set up an area where guests can use their favorite flavors to fill a cone or make a sundae. Include pretty parfait or sundae dishes, waffle bowls and cones,sugar cones, sprinkles, syrups, nuts, crushed cookies, coconut, whipped cream or other fun toppings.
  • Have plenty of beverages on hand. Stock a cooler, large buckets or a wading pool with ice and bottled water, iced tea, iced coffee or other thirst-quenchers.
  • For added fun, make scorecards and let guests vote for their favorite flavors. After tallying the votes, put all the scorecards in a basket and draw a few for inexpensive door prizes (ice cream scoops, jars of sprinkles, gift certificate to an ice cream shop, etc.).

Did You Know?

National Ice Cream Day is the third Sunday in July (which is National Ice Cream Month).

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