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How to Start a Dinner Club

There are no rules involved when starting a dinner club — you just need a love of good food and conversation

How to Start a Dinner Club

How to Start a Dinner Club

At-home entertaining is on the rise, and a dinner club is a great way to enjoy the company of friends and save some money, too. You can prepare the food together to freeze and take home to your family, or dine together and have each person bring a different course.

Start your own dinner club with these helpful ideas from our Field Editors!

  • Share the recipes you're planning to make with club members so the meal fits together and isn't simply a potluck. — Inge Schermerhorn, Kingston, NH
  • Get creative and give your party a theme. It's a great way to allow members to sample food from different ethnicities. — Inge Schermerhorn, Kingston, NH
  • For our club, we meet on the third Tuesday of the month and each person or couple brings a Taste of Home recipe. —Ruth Burrus, Zionsville, IN
  • I belong to a scrapbooking group and we meet once a month to scrapbook from 9-5. Two people are chosen to bring the main dish and everyone else brings side dishes or desserts. —Ellen Schroeder, Brandon, SD

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