Irish Meal

Steak and Onion Pie Recipe

You won't need the luck o' the Irish to put a tasty meal on the table on March 17! The following menu features traditional favorites that can make any dinner special.

When Martha Glenn of Enid, Oklahoma first made Irish Bread many years ago, her husband said it looked and tasted like the bread he remembered having when he was growing up in Ireland. Over the years, Martha has made many loaves to serve to guests and for church bazaars. She always receives compliments on it.

Rosemary Flexman of Waukesha, Wisconsin remembers Potato Soup with Spinach Dumplings being made often for Saturday night supper. Even though she didn't like spinach much, she liked this soup and enjoyed helping her mom in the kitchen.

Steak and Onion Pie has been a family favorite for over 30 years with Ardis Wirtz of Newburgh, Indiana. While her three sons are now grown and on their own…they always come home when they hear that this will be in the oven!

One year, when St. Patrick's Day was coming near, June Bridges knew what would happen if she served plain cabbage again! This Franklin, Indiana cook could imagine the kids would all take one look and go "yuck!" So she decided to try Dilly Corned Beef and Cabbage. This contest winner has now become a family tradition for every March 17, and her husband asks for it to be fixed year-round!