Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine Berries and Cream Recipe

Valentine's Day isn't far away, and you can use these ideas to create some heart-shaped treats to delight your sweetheart. If you're crunched for time, these winning recipes can be ready in about 30 minutes!

Everyone will be so impressed with this scrumptious Valentine Berries and Cream. Tamera O'Sullivan of Apple Valley, Minnesota enjoys rave reviews from family and friends when she serves it.

Raspberry sauce is an appealing base for this fluffy Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse. The treasured treat is surprisingly easy and a delightful change of pace from heavier cakes and pies. The recipe comes from Mary Lou Wayman of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inspired by a passion for peanut butter and chocolate, Gina Kintigh of Connellsville, Pennsylvania combined a trusted recipe for peanut butter eggs with the salty crunch of pretzels. Now her kids have fun helping her make and eat these heavenly Chocolate Peanut Sweeties.

At a church fund-raiser, Diana Stewart of Oelwein, Iowa purchased a pie-a-month package furnished by a local family. From among all the varieties they made, Chocolate-Caramel Supreme Pie was the best. It features a chocolate crust, creamy caramel filling and fluffy topping.