Sweet Shortcuts with Cookie Dough

Mocha Pie Recipe

Here are some great recipes that use a roll of refrigerated cookie dough to jump-start dessert.

A friend gave this divine recipe to Barbara Keller of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. "I asked how she managed to put together such an elegant pie after a long day at work," explains Barbara. Prepared cookie dough, marshmallow creme and a little instant coffee make Mocha Pie a breeze to assemble.

June Trom of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota takes advantage of convenient refrigerated cookie dough to make these luscious Pecan Lemon Bars. Her 27 grandchildren love their sweet and tangy flavor.

Years ago, Alicia French of Crestline, California came up with this recipe for Frosted Cookie Brownies with her children. They combined two of their favorite treats! With a crisp cookie crust and a fluffy frosting, these brownies are the most requested treats at the French's house.

Chocolate Chip Banana Cream Pie is a hit every time it's served by Taylor Carroll of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. The chilled filling, brimming with bananas, is refreshing, and the cookie crust provides a chocolaty crunch. Even a small slice will satisfy the biggest sweet tooth.

When you make Lemon Strawberry Tarts, you can have more treats if you freeze the extra cookies and repeat the dessert idea the following week. This great recipe comes from the Taste of Home Test Kitchen. For an even easier dessert, purchase bakery sugar cookies instead of baking them yourself.

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