Cooking for 2: October/November 2010

Downsized versions of recipes appearing in Taste of Home

Sammie's Breakfast Burritos for TwoSammie's Breakfast Burritos for Two

We're trying to eat healthier, so this recipe is the result of lightening up fast-food burritos. You can replace the sausage with ham or bacon.
—Sandra Ward, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Polynesian Parfaits for TwoPolynesian Parfaits for Two

Pack one of these refreshing, tropical treats in a plastic container to take with you. They're great for lunch boxes, too.
—Janice Mitchell, Aurora, Colorado

Baked Fish with Cheese Sauce for TwoBaked Fish with Cheese Sauce for Two

There's plenty of time to whip up this flaky fish and decadent cheese sauce. Turn a ho-hum weeknight into a special occasion.
—Kristin Reynolds, Van Buren, Arkansas

Honey-Glazed Hens with Fruit Stuffing for TwoHoney-Glazed Hens with Fruit Stuffing for Two

My husband really likes Cornish hens, so I searched for a recipe I could use during the holidays that dressed them up. We love the fruit stuffing.
—Denise Albers, Freeburg, Illinois

Lime-Buttered Broccoli for TwoLime-Buttered Broccoli for Two

I got tired of serving broccoli the same way every time, so I prepared this recipe. The simple butter sauce turns the tender florets into something special.
—Denise Albers, Freeburg, Illinois

Banana Rum Sundaes for TwoBanana Rum Sundaes for Two

You can serve this mouth-watering dessert any time because it takes just minutes to make. The warm, sweet fruit and the creamy, cold ice cream create a winning combination.
—Denise Albers, Freeburg, Illinois