Cooking for 2: June/July 2010

Downsized versions of recipes appearing in Taste of Home

Cooking for 2 June July 2010

Cooking for 2 June July 2010

Campfire Trout Dinner for 2
Your fresh catch will taste even better with this simple treatment that keeps the fish moist. Carrots are an excellent accompaniment; cook up in a separate foil packet.
—Wendy McGowan, Fontana, California

Grilled Tomatillo Chicken for 2
This winning dish gets its flavorful kick from a tomatillo mixture jazzed up with lime juice, cilantro and jalapeno. Dollop with sour cream and serve over rice for a memorable meal.
—Audrey Kinne, Elkhart, Indiana

Halibut Soft Tacos for 2
This is one of my summery, healthy favorites that is quick, colorful and full of nutrients. Sometimes I serve them wrapped in lettuce, instead of tortillas.
—Kristin Kossak, Bozeman, Montana

Open-Faced Chicken Avocado Burgers for 2
A creamy avocado spread and thick slices of fresh mozzarella and tomato dress up these chicken patties. They're wonderful with buttered boiled potatoes or a salad.
—Lisa Hundley, Aberdeen, North Carolina

Potato-Sausage Foil Packs for 2
We had these satisfying campfire bundles at a friend's house for dinner and loved the simplicity of this great summer meal.
—Alissa Keith, Lynchburg, Virginia