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Recipes for four great stuffed burgers

Stuffed Burgers on Portabellos Recipe

Stuffed Burgers on Portabellos Recipe

Stuffed Burgers on Portobellos
Here' a low-carb treat that allows my husband and me to still enjoy burgers without compromising any of the taste. This Stuffed Burgers on Portobellos recipe is actually a combination of several recipes pulled together into one...and no one misses the bun.
—Debbie Driggers, Greenville, Texas

Stuffed Barbecue Burgers
These big Stuffed Barbecue Burgers are almost a meal by themselves. With a delectable cheese and vegetable filling, they'll surely satisfy any crowd.
—Loretta Moe, Grafton, North Dakota

Bacon-Stuffed Burgers
I came across this Bacon-Stuffed Burgers recipe years ago and added the pork sausage to perk it up. My husband claims these are the best burgers he's ever tasted, and I have to agree. They're great served with crunchy dill pickles.
—Sandra McKenzie, Braham, Minnesota

Pineapple-Stuffed Burgers
I really enjoy making these special burgers with a surprise inside. The homemade sauce, with brown sugar, mustard and ketchup, makes these tropical grilled Pineapple-Stuffed Burgers even better.
—Ann Couch, Halifax, North Carolina

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