Bay Leaf Recipes

Give bay leaves a try when you want to add subtle herb flavor to everything from sauces to stews

Bay Leaf Recipes

Bay Leaf Recipes

Whole bay leaves lend a woody, astringent flavor to foods, but they are not edible. Be sure to remove them before serving.

Two kinds of bay leaves are available in the United States: Turkish and California. The subtle flavor of the Turkish variety is preferred for most cooking.

Bay leaves come from the evergreen bay laurel tree. In ancient Rome and Greece, victors were crowned with wreaths made of the leaves, and winning athletes received garlands of them.

For flavor, some cooks add a bay leaf to the water when cooking pasta.

Bay Leaf Recipes

Stephanie's Slow Cooker StewStephanie's Slow Cooker Stew
Start this warming one-pot meal before you head out for the day. By the time you get home, the well-seasoned meat will be tender and mouthwatering in Stephanie's Slow Cooker Stew.
—Stephanie Rabbitt-Schappacher, West Chester, Ohio

Cream of Cauliflower SoupCream of Cauliflower Soup
When a chill is in the air, I like to make soups for the family. Cheese adds flavor and heartiness to this Cream of Cauliflower Soup, which is my own recipe.
—Ruth Worden, Mossena, New York

Ham 'n' Salami 

JambalayaHam 'n' Salami Jambalaya
This all-in-one Ham 'n' Salami Jambalaya is packed with flavor in every bite. With onion, celery, tomatoes and two types of meat, you'll find that this hearty meal will satisfy just about anybody.
—Carol Gawronski, Lake Wales, Florida

Garlic Chuck RoastGarlic Chuck Roast
Having never made a roast before, I experimented with a few ingredients to come up with this hearty all-in-one Garlic Chuck Roast meal. Not only is it easy, but the tender entree gets terrific flavor from garlic, onion and bay leaves.
—Janet Boyer, Nemacolin, Pennsylvania

Presto Paprika ChickenPresto Paprika Chicken
On busy evenings, I wing it for dinner. The mild, paprika-spiced sauce nicely coats the rotisserie chicken and noodles in Presto Paprika Chicken.
—Gloria A. Warczak, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Chicken JambalayaChicken Jambalaya
This Chicken Jambalaya is one of my husband's favorites, and he's a picky eater, so you know it's good! Some folks are surprised how well chicken and shrimp complement each other.
—Laurie Henderson, Fort Wayne, Indiana