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Taste of Home Digital Editions & Apps

It’s the world’s #1 food & entertaining magazine—now available on your favorite platform. Taste of Home is packed with delicious, home-style recipes—real food from real home cooks like you. Of course, you get a lot more with our digital editions: Link to websites from our stories for more recipes and tips, plus you can keep Taste of Home library to enjoy anytime. We deliver it to you electronically, safely and securely. Or use the Free Taste of Home App to access thousands of great seasonal and holiday recipes. Don’t have an eReader?


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Taste of Home for NOOK color and NOOK delivers a high-fidelity mobile reading experience and lets you read and share articles, buy digital subscriptions or purchase single issues.

All the pages in our magazine in a digital format.

  • Touchscreen interactivity
  • Additional "article view" of text
  • Free 14-day subscription trial
  • Exclusive LendMe™ allows you to share issues with friends