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From the Taste of Home Cooking School
Brand Name Spring 2009 Cookbook

Taste of Home Cooking School Brand Name Cookbook Spring 2009

Omelets p. 9 Omelets

Omelets make a hearty breakfast, brunch or even a light dinner. Here is how to make the perfect omelet every time using your favorite recipe.

Making Crepes p. 11 Making Crepes

Making crepes is easier than you think. There are so many recipes for these little French delights! Make your favorite for brunch or a light supper.

Omelet p. 12 Omelet

Omelets are easy and fun to make. No yolk!

Leeks p. 15 Leeks

Leeks are part of the onion family and add great flavor to soups, casseroles or egg recipes. Here are some useful ways to use this delicious vegetable.

Muffins in Minutes p. 19 Muffins in Minutes

Guests coming for coffee or tea? Try these tips for your favorite muffin recipe and you will have moist, tender muffins in only a few minutes.

Kneading p. 21 Kneading

After you've learned the proper kneading technique, your breads will have a beautiful texture. Try these techniques on your favorite bread recipe.

Using Fresh Garlic p. 25 Using Fresh Garlic

Garlic adds wonderful flavor to many savory dishes. Learn how to utilize this fresh kitchen essential for your home recipes.

Basil p. 29 Basil

Cutting and preserving your own basil will give your recipe that extra burst of flavor freshness. Use this delicious and abundant herb in your favorite summer recipes.

Homemade Broth p. 36 Homemade Broth

Preparing homemade broth is easier than you think. These tips are perfect for your favorite soup recipe, or any dish that calls for homemade broth!

White Sauce p. 50 White Sauce

A white sauce is often used for cream soups or sauce for vegetables, casseroles or meats. Here is how to make the perfect sauce to add to your own favorite recipes.

Pepper p. 62 Peppers

Sweet peppers are delicious raw in salads or sandwiches.

Stuffed Chicken Breast p. 64 Stuffed Chicken Breast

Turn a plain chicken breast into an elegant entree by flattening and stuffing it. You can use either chicken breasts or a whole chicken for this recipe. Make sure to use your favorite stuffing recipe for added flavor!

Measuring Ingredients p. 71 Measuring Ingredients

Correctly measuring both dry and liquid ingredients is important for a successful recipe experience.