Valentine Treats

From p. 16 of the January/February 2008 Issue
of Simple & Delicious

Heart's Delight Torte Recipe

Heart's Delight Torte Recipe

Here are some additional ideas for easy ways to express your love this Valentine’s Day. Whether you simply shape breadsticks into hearts and arrows or prepare a mouth-watering meal for two, your sweetheart is certain to appreciate that you’ve cooked each recipe with love.

Our Test Kitchen home economists encourage you to play with your food and shape refrigerated breadsticks into hearts and arrows! A sprinkling of seasonings provides the finishing touch to these Cupid's Breadsticks.

Red raspberries and heart-shaped croutons make Queen-of-Hearts Salad from our Test Kitchen perfect for Valentine’s Day. The creamy dressing hints of Dijon and lemon.

Your sweetheart will swoon when you bring out this bubbly golden-topped Beef Potpie, a tried-and-true meal pleaser from Marian Clifton of Selma, California. "It makes a hearty homey meal with plenty of comforting country flavor," she promises.

"My mother brought the recipe for Pineapple-Stuffed Cornish Hens back with her from Hawaii," shares Vicki Corners of Rock Island, Illinois. "The tender meat, pineapple-coconut stuffing and sweet-sour sauce made it a favorite of my family and friends. I keep copies of the recipe on hand to share."

Alyssa Harris of Elizabethton, Tennessee dresses up cereal treats with a personal touch in her Sweetheart Treat. It’s an easy way to let your sweetie know you’ll have TLA (true love always).

Cherry pie filling dresses up homemade chocolate cake layers in this impressive Heart's Delight Torte. "I found the recipe on a newspaper we used for packing material when we moved to our new home," recalls Nancy Heesch of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. "Our family enjoys it so much, it’s become the traditional birthday cake at our house."