Treats on a Stick

Stay cool this summer with these tasty frozen delights

Striped Fruit Pops Recipe

Striped Fruit Pops Recipe

Looking for more fun, simple-to-make sweet treats? Try these no-fuss “treats on a stick” for a cool summer snack.

There’s a taste of the tropics in these shivery sensations that pair pineapple with coconut pudding. With their sunny color and creamy texture, these Coconut Pineapple Pops from the Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen just might be your hottest fresh-from-the-freezer treat!

“My daughter and I won an award at our local fair for these peanut-butter-and-granola bananas,” explains Diane Toomey of Allentown, Pennsylvania. “I like to assemble the ingredients for Granola Banana Sticks ahead for my kids to whip up when they get home from school. Sometimes we substitute rice cereal as a crunchy alternative to the granola bars.”

“Living on the equator, we experience warm weather year-round,” says Sally Jo Stensaas from Masaka, Uganda. “These cold sweets are a favorite after-nap treat with my four children. I like how these Fudge Pops are easy to make in large quantities.”

These frosty favorites from the Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen are thrice as nice, lusciously layered with fresh strawberries, kiwifruit and peaches. A touch of honey adds to their natural sweetness. Plus, the Striped Fruit Pops ’bright stripes are sure to light up kids’ eyes!

As folks munch on these peanut butter Cookies on a Stick from Delores Wallace of Jacobsburg, Ohio, they’re delighted to uncover the candy bar surprise tucked inside.

From p. 9 of the May/June 2008 issue of Simple & Delicious