Stir-Fry Like the Pros!

From the January/February 2008 Issue of Simple & Delicious

Stir-fries make quick and easy meals that bring big flavors and plenty of veggies to the table. We’ve got helpful hints and a step-by-step video to have you cooking up a storm in no time!

Click here for a video to help you make your own stir-fries at home.

Make the job easier with these handy stir-frying tips:

  1. Cut and prepare all the ingredients before you begin.
  2. To get all of the vegetables cooked just right, cut them all the same size, then add them at intervals throughout the cooking process, starting with the longer-cooking vegetables (carrots and broccoli, for instance) and ending with the quicker-cooking ones (such as mushrooms). As an alternative, cut longer-cooking vegetables into smaller pieces than quicker-cooking ones, then cook them all together.  
  3. Select a wok or skillet large enough to accommodate the volume of food you’ll be stir-frying. If the food is crowded in the pan, it will steam.
  4. Add oil, when called for, to the pan and heat until hot before adding the food. Stir any sauce that has a thickener, such as cornstarch, before adding it to the pan.