Snacks for Kids

Snacks for Kids

These recipes make it easy to supply lunch boxes with tasty, crunchy goodies to get everyone through the day. For more ideas, check out the Quick Snack Tips shared below.

Ranch Snack Mix
This recipe makes a generous 24 cups and doesn't involve any cooking. "It's a cinch to package in individual snack bags," says Linda Murphy of Pulaski, Wisconsin. "It keeps its crunch and makes a savory alternative to the cakes and pies usually offered at bake sales."

Apple-Cinnamon Snack Mix
"This is a colorful and crunchy concoction with a sweet-spicy coating that's great for parties or just snacking," says field editor Virginia Krites of Cridersville, Ohio.

Kiddie Crunch Mix
"Place this snack mix in individual plastic bags or pour some into colored ice cream cones and cover with plastic wrap for a fun presentation," says Kara de la Vega of Suisun City, California.

Cereal Trail Mix
All ages are sure to enjoy this easy-to-assemble snack from Holly Youngers of Cunningham, Kansas.

Granola Trail Mix
"When we go camping, each person includes one additional ingredient for this mix like mini marshmallows, corn chips or cookie pieces," says Shelley Riddlespurger from Amarillo, Texas. "The taste is never the same, and we're often surprised by the combinations."

Quick Snack Tips

  • When my kids were in elementary school, they really liked to find sandwich surprises in their lunches. I put raisins, mini marshmallows, M&M's, or chocolate or butterscotch chips between the peanut butter and jelly in their sandwiches. They were the envy of their classmates and always ate their sandwiches. —Paul K., Brighton, Michigan
  • Don't throw away those little packages of plastic silverware that you get from fast-food restaurants. They're very useful for those brown bag lunches your kids have to take on field trips. —Martha T., Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • My daughter likes to take peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches to school for lunch, but she doesn't like it when the bread gets soggy. So we spread peanut butter on both slices of bread and then spread on the jelly. The peanut butter doesn't allow the jelly to soak through to the bread. —Teresa G., Rocky Point, North Carolina

From p. 48 of the September/October 2007 Issue of Simple & Delicious

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