Slumber Party

Fun slumber party ideas from our online community,
plus kid-friendly sleepover recipes.

  • Buy some inexpensive makeup—those big kits with all the blush, eye shadow, and lipsticks—and let them have at it making each other up.

    Disposable cameras to capture the fun.

    A pretty book all her friends can write notes to her in.

    Some of those funky colored light bulbs to go in the lamps in the room they are staying in.

  • Put on some music and let them take turns going up and down the hall modeling—they just love to dress up and strut their stuff.

    Make-Your-Own Sundaes: Buy all the ingredients, set them out and let them at it—they'll go nuts! You know they will eat it because they are only adding toppings they like. We've let sundaes replace the birthday cake the last couple of years because the kids didn't eat the cake.

    Camp in the Basement: Set up a tent—they just LOVE sleeping in it.

  • Have some craft supplies handy. Maybe some baseball caps and puffy paint?

  • Make kitchen towel aprons and have kids decorate chef hats and napkin rings. Then help them make mini lasagnas, breadsticks and fruit kabobs. Serve jumbo cupcakes that they can decorate themselves for dessert.

  • Take lots of photos with a digital camera, and print them out when the kids are sleeping. Send each child home with a few copies.

  • Buy inexpensive rubber flip flops and have the kids decorate them by gluing on silk flowers, beads, etc. You could also do this with foam visors.

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