Strawberry Valentine Cookies Recipe

Simple Valentine's Day Recipes

Chocolate-Filled Crescents
I always get compliments on these rich, flaky Chocolate-Filled Crescents drizzled with chocolate…and requests for the recipe. Great for brunch, dessert or a mid-day coffee treat!
—Carol Formholtz, Deltona, Florida

Angel Hair with Walnuts
I worked in an Italian restaurant that served pasta with olive oil, garlic and a sprinkling of walnuts. I enjoyed the medley so much that I developed this Angel Hair with Walnuts recipe for an important dinner—and it was a hit.
—Nancy Beckman, Helena, Montana

Chicken Rolls with Raspberry Sauce
Give that weeknight meal an elegant feel with this impressive (but easy!) blue cheese-stuffed Chicken Rolls with Raspberry Sauce recipe. The raspberry sauce is also great on grilled pork tenderloin.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Cherry Shortbread Hearts
This recipe for heart-shaped cookies is one of the tastiest I've tried. Folks always "ooh" and "aah" over the buttery taste combined with chocolate. Cherry Shortbread Hearts make great Valentine's Day gifts wrapped up in cellophane and ribbon.
—Elaine Anderson, New Galilee, Pennsylvania

White Chocolate Pie
For Valentine's Day, tint whipped topping pink to cover this creamy dessert. Sprinkle White Chocolate Pie with a crushed Heath candy bar, or garnish each slice with an Oreo cookie for a fast finishing touch.
—Sue Brown, Hanover, Indiana

Strawberry Valentine Cookies
Start a new Valentine's Day tradition with these pretty, whimsical Strawberry Valentine Cookies. Strawberry is a perfect complement to the chocolate glaze.
—Marna Heitz, Farley, Iowa