Simple Easter Recipes

Try one of these easy dishes perfect for Easter dinner.

Bunny Pear Salad Recipe

Bunny Pear Salad Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Bunnies
A tube of purchased cinnamon roll dough and a little imagination make these adorable Cinnamon Roll Bunnies almost too cute to eat! They're sure to appeal to "somebunny" at your house this Easter.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Carrot Bran Muffins
With their golden brown tops, pretty flecks of orange and bursts of raisin sweetness, these Carrot Bran Muffins are anything but ordinary! Our Test Kitchen staff fine-tuned the recipe to make them extra moist and tender.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Bunny Pear Salad
All dressed up for the Easter parade, this darling Bunny Pear Salad makes a cute and festive side dish for your family feast. What kids wouldn't have fun helping to assemble their own…and extras for guests?
—Albertine Sperling, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Mustard-Glazed Ham
My Mom was known as the best cook in the country. This delicious glaze was in her collection of handwritten recipes. I laminated the ones I use most often, and this favorite was included. Mustard-Glazed Ham is easy to prepare, and everyone seems to like ham made this way.
—Dorothy Smith, El Dorado, Arkansas

Swirled Dill Rolls
You'll need just four ingredients to bake a pan of these golden-brown Swirled Dill Rolls. With their fresh-from-the-oven aroma and mild dill flavor, they complement the ham dish nicely. Or serve the rolls with most any entree.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Bunny Pineapple Smoothies
After trying these bunny-topped smoothies from our Test Kitchen, you'll want to hop back to the buffet for extra servings. Flavored with orange juice, pineapple sherbet and pina colada yogurt, these Bunny Pineapple Smoothies add a tropical taste to morning meals.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Fluffy Chocolate Pie
Kids simply love this Fluffy Chocolate Pie. And because it's so incredibly easy to make, you can let them help.
—Wanda Lewis, Springfield, Kentucky

Easter Hints and Tips

  • After Easter, I make the most of leftover chocolate bunnies or other chocolate shapes. I melt 2 pounds of these chocolate pieces in a double boiler or in a microwave-safe dish. (Stir until melted and smooth, but don't add butter or milk because it will cause the finished product to crumble.) Then I add a cup of nuts, raisins, coconut or crisp rice cereal and pour the mixture into a greased 9-inch square pan. It's easiest to cut the chocolate into squares just after it has begun to set. This candy is so good, I sometimes buy marked-down chocolate after the holidays just so I can make this.
    —Mary Karkut, Shelton, Connecticut
  • For a natural look to your Easter eggs, you can dye them with everyday kitchen ingredients.

    • Onion Skin Dye. To make dye from yellow onion skins, place several skins in a large pot of water. Bring to a boil; let cool and discard skins. Based on the number of onion skins used and the amount of time the eggs soak, you'll get warm tones that can range from gold to a rich terra cotta.
    • Brewed Coffee Dye. Simply brew a pot of strong coffee and cool. The color can range from a light speckled tan to a more solid dark tan depending on how strong the coffee is and how long the egg soaks.
    • Cranberry Dye. To make a dye from fresh cranberries, boil 4 cups cranberries in 2 cups cold water until the berries burst. Let cool. Drain the mixture, saving the liquid and discarding the cranberries. To create a light blue-toned egg, soak for only a short time. Soaking an egg longer results in a dark gray color.

    —Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

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  • If coloring the eggs for Easter, return them to the refrigerator as soon as you're done dyeing them. Don't let hard-cooked eggs stand at room temperature for more than 2 hours. If you plan on using hard-cooked eggs as Easter decorations, cook extra eggs for eating and discard the eggs on display. Don't eat any colored eggs that have cracked. Either throw them out immediately or use them for display and then discard.
    —Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

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