Satisfying Soups

From chili to chowder, these soup recipes are sure to warm up your next meal.

Wild Rice Chowder

Wild Rice Chowder

Nothing beats a hearty soup as the weather starts to get cooler, so after trying the following recipes, check out these additional soup cooking tips below.

Wild Rice Chowder
I found this Wild Rice Chowder recipe years ago, and it has become a family favorite. Try adding cooked chicken or smoked sausage. There are endless possibilities for new and exciting variations.
Amy Chop, Oak Grove, Louisiana

Speedy Weeknight Chili
I use my food processor to chop up the veggies and cut down on prep time. Speedy Weeknight Chili is also very tasty and lower in fat when made with ground turkey breast.
Cynthia Hudson, Greenville, South Carolina

Mushroom Potato Soup
A big steaming bowl of this hearty and warming Mushroom Potato Soup hits the spot on a cold fall day. Waxy red potatoes and all-purpose Yukon Golds hold together well in boiling water.
Clare Wallace, Lynchburg, Virginia

Vegetable Cheese Soup
This family-favorite Vegetable Cheese Soup is creamy and smooth, and easy to make. I serve it with sandwiches or crackers and dip.
Katie Peat, Palmer, Illinois

Spicy Tomato Soup
Using canned corn and black beans, this Spicy Tomato Soup goes together fast and is a great accompaniment to sandwiches.
Jaime Hampton, Richmond, Virginia

Cheese-Topped Vegetable Soup
Just-picked garden flavor makes this hearty Cheese-Topped Vegetable Soup a staple. It warms the soul.
Anna Minegar, Zolfo Springs, Florida

Soup Cooking Tips

  • I like to make a big batch of soup, then freeze individual servings. I line bowls with plastic wrap, pour in soup and freeze. Once frozen, the soup can be popped out of the bowls and stored in large freezer bags. This also makes a nice gift for an ill friend or someone living alone.
    Shirley P., Redmond, Washington
  • Spicing up your tomato soup is a snap. One damp day, I served my sweetheart a bowl of tomato soup with a bit of Worcestershire sauce and prepared mustard mixed in. He loved it!
    Paula P., Rocky Point, New York
  • Everyone raves over my homemade soups, stews and chowders. I add fresh lime juice to give the flavor spark.
    Floy M., Anacortes, Washington
  • To use up leftover turkey, I make a simple and satisfying soup. First I saute onion and green pepper in oil, then add chicken broth. I puree leftover mashed potatoes and vegetables, then stir that into the broth with the chopped turkey.
    Marion S., Chicago, Illinois
  • A dear friend shared with me the secret to robust chicken soup. Scrub a sweet potato well, then drop the whole potato with the skin into your broth right at the start of cooking. Remove it just before serving.
    Penny F., Ferndale, Maryland
  • I add a can of chili with beans to homemade vegetable soup instead of shredded or ground beef. It's a quick, inexpensive way to add spice (and protein) to the soup. It slightly thickens it, too.
    Kay M., Greenville, South Carolina

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