Fancy Skillet Steaks Recipe

Quick Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes

Fancy Skillet Steaks
For extra-special steaks at home, I rely on this simple but flavorful Fancy Skillet Steaks recipe. I like to round out the meal with oven-roasted potatoes and corn on the cob.
—Harriet Block, Ardmore, Pennsylvania

Pork Tenderloin with Wine Sauce
Here's a fast, easy and great-tasting meal for someone special. And it's as big on flavor as it is low in fat and calories! I like to serve this Pork Tenderloin with Wine Sauce with fresh green beans and mashed potatoes—instant company fare!
—Nancy LaVoice, Wexford, Pennsylvania

Chicken Piccata
This is a flavorful low-fat, low sodium dish. With the lemon juice ingredient, the salt isn't missed. I usually serve this Chicken Piccata with rice or pasta, but it takes longer to cook either one of these than it does the chicken!
—Carol Cottrill, Rumford, Maine

Skillet Sea Scallops
You'll want to keep this recipe in mind for a quick-to-fix Skillet Sea Scallops dish. Pasta and mixed greens nicely complement the tender, citrusy shellfish.
—Margaret Lowenberg, Kingman, Arizona

Blue Cheese-Topped Steaks
These juicy tenderloin Blue Cheese-Topped Steaks, lightly crusted with blue cheese and bread crumbs, are special enough for holiday dining. When drizzled with wine sauce, the beef melts in your mouth.
—Tiffany Vancil, San Diego, California

Shrimp with Style
I created this supper standout one day with just the items in my refrigerator at the time. The recipe will leave your mouth watering for more! My family craves this Shrimp with Style dish any time of year because it's so delicious and light.
—Cyndi McLaughlin, Pinon Pines, California

Smothered Chicken Breasts
After trying this delicious Smothered Chicken Breasts dish in a restaurant, I decided to recreate it at home. Topped with bacon, caramelized onions and zippy shredded cheese, it comes together in no time with ingredients I usually have on hand. Plus, it cooks in one skillet, so it's a cinch to clean up!
—Brenda Carpenter, Warrensburg, Missouri

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