Quick Tips for Grilled Vegetables

Cooking School Culinary Specialist Danielle Edmonds shares her favorite grilled vegetable recipe, plus her best quick tips for grilling vegetables.

Danielle Edmonds, Culinary Specialist, Taste of Home Cooking School

Danielle Edmonds, Culinary Specialist, Taste of Home Cooking School

Keep it clean. Clean the grill rack every time the grill is used, not just once a grilling season. Wash with water and gently scrub with a grill brush.

Quality counts. Pick vegetables that are in season—they're the best tasting and the freshest. If a vegetable feels lighter than normal, it's usually an indication that it's been sitting around or dehydrated.

Go big. Small veggies easily fall through the racks. Cut them into large chunks, grill and later chop into the smaller sizes your recipe requires. For veggies that are small to begin with, such as mushrooms, use skewers or a metal vegetable basket that sits on top of the grill.

Flavor freely. Before grilling, lightly toss vegetables with your favorite marinade or Italian dressing to add a little oil and flavor. Or, toss vegetables with a couple of tablespoons of olive or canola oil and season with salt and pepper.

Stand guard. A grill's high, intense heat will sear vegetables in mere minutes. Have a clean plate nearby to transfer them to before you start grilling. Veggies can burn while you're making even a short trip to the kitchen to grab a plate.

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