Pleasing Pasta Recipes

From p. 51 of the March/April 2008 Issue
of Simple & Delicious

Angel Hair Pasta with Garden Vegetables Recipe

Angel Hair Pasta with Garden Vegetables Recipe

March is National Noodle Month, but you needn't wait to celebrate with these pleasing pasta recipes.  Paired with everything from vegetables to shrimp to chicken, pasta makes these delicious dishes something everyone will enjoy. And don't forget to check out this video to learn how to make homemade pasta.

"This family favorite is especially fun to make when the garden is full of fresh vegetables," reports Jun Barrus from Springville, Utah. "Angel Hair Pasta with Garden Vegetables is quick to fix, delicious and always different—just choose the vegetables that have ripened that day!"

This easy stir-fry combines pasta with green pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes in an Italian-style sauce. "I made up Italian Chicken and Penne one evening, and it was a big hit with my family," says Janeen Longfellow of Wolcottville, Indiana.

A lovely lemon-dill sauce coats this colorful blend of shrimp, rotini pasta and minced green onions. "Rotini with Shrimp is attractive enough to serve guests," says Janice Mitchell of Aurora, Colorado, "and no one will guess the creamy sauce is low-fat."

“We're a busy family. When we need to rush off to an evening sporting event or meeting, I prepare Light Linguine Carbonara along with breadsticks or garlic toast for a fast light dinner,” says Mary Jo Nikolaus of Mansfield, Ohio.

"For a cooking class several years ago, I lightened up a classic lasagna and created this chicken version," writes Dena Stapelman of Laurel, Nebraska. "Chicken Lasagna was preferred over the traditional dish in taste-tests in my class and by my family and friends as well.”

“This simple Broccoli Fettuccine recipe is one of my favorites,” shares Dorothy Elliott of DeKalb, Illinois. “The flavor is great, and it can be prepared in a very short time. Sometimes I add shrimp for a change and to make a heartier meal.”