Ranch Turkey Wraps Recipe

On-the-Go Sandwiches

Ranch Turkey Wraps
These hand-held Ranch Turkey Wraps make for a nice lunch or a quick dinner on the go. A great thing about wraps is that, like sandwiches, you can customize each one to suit your family members' different tastes.
—Emily Hanson, Logan, Utah

Hearty Sirloin Pitas
Blue cheese takes these colorful Hearty Sirloin Pitas to the next level of flavor. To soften the pitas up a bit, warm them in the oven or microwave.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Egg Salad Sandwiches
The ingredients in these Egg Salad Sandwiches are simple, yet each one accentuates the flavor, making it hard to stop with just one bite!
—Anna Jean Allen, West Liberty, Kentucky

Grilled Cheese & Pepper Sandwiches
This is a tasty and wholesome sandwich to make for one or two. Grilled Cheese & Pepper Sandwiches are a nice twist on grilled cheese—very tasty and filling and especially good with rye bread.
—Arline Hofland, Deer Lodge, Montana

Garden Fresh Subs
This wonderful Garden Fresh Subs recipe came from a friend. With a variety of fresh garden veggies, it makes a nice meal in a hurry. These piled-high sandwiches are gonna be a hit!
—Mary Ann Dell, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Hot Tuna Sandwiches
Mixed veggies perk up the classic tuna salad sandwich. Serve Hot Tuna Sandwiches alongside fruit cups and your favorite chips.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Bacon-Provolone Chicken Sandwiches
Bacon and provolone take these hearty Bacon-Provolone Chicken Sandwiches over the top. Add a little Dijon mustard to spice things up a bit.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Quick Sandwich Tips

  • I use leftover pork and beans to make quick open-face sandwiches my family loves. I put the bean mixture on hamburger bun halves, top each with a slice of American cheese and broil until the cheese is melted and bubbly. The sandwiches make a nice lunch with salad and chips.
    —Mary Ann W., Whitinsville, Massachusetts

  • I recently came up with this money-saving idea that’s healthy, too. I make tuna sandwiches by emptying an undrained 6-ounce can of water-packed tuna into a bowl, then stir in about 1/4 cup of quick-cooking oats. I wait about 15 minutes to let the oatmeal soak into the water before adding relish and mayonnaise. This helps stretch the tuna mixture to make more sandwiches, and the oats add extra nutrition.
    —Karen L., Arlington, Wisconsin

  • I slice up leftover roasted chicken and toss it with Italian salad dressing. Then I melt cheese on two pieces of bread and place the chicken slices in between. This chicken sandwich makes a great lunch or quick dinner.
    —Jaime S., Terrace, British Columbia

  • A frittata is a great choice for breakfast. But you can turn it into a hearty lunch or dinner by using the open-faced omelet as a sandwich filling. Simply cook the frittata as the recipe directs, then place a piece between two slices of substantial bakery bread, such as sourdough or focaccia. Include sliced tomato and fresh spinach leaves, if you'd like, for a quick sandwich that's sure to satisfy.
    —Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

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