Make it with a Mix

These recipes are easy to make with convenient
packet mixes.

Flavorful Taco Soup Recipe

Flavorful Taco Soup Recipe

Ranch salad dressing mix:

Ranch Popcorn
What's a night at the movies without popcorn to munch? Try a big tub of our buttery, show-stopping Ranch Popcorn. It's easy, Parmesan cheesy and finger-lickin' good!
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Flavorful Taco Soup
You'll get a kick out of this hearty, Southwest-inspired Flavorful Taco Soup. Feel free to dunk your tortilla chips right into it!
—Sandi Lee, Houston, Texas

Southwest marinade mix:

Zippy Paprika Chicken
This Zippy Paprika Chicken has a completely unique flavor that has a hint of the classic Hungarian paprika chicken dish but with a modern twist.
—Jennifer Shaw, Dorchester, Massachusetts

Fajita seasoning mix:

Pork Tenderloin Fajitas
Grilled pineapple gives these Pork Tenderloin Fajitas a different, fun twist people will love. If you have time, allow the pork to marinate for up to an hour.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Italian salad dressing mix:

Italian Roast with Alfredo Potatoes
This hearty Italian Roast with Alfredo Potatoes meal is a great way to start the week. And since most of the work is done by the slow cooker, you'll have very little to do. Just boil the potatoes and smash them with Alfredo sauce, butter and pepper. They go great with the roast and gravy.
—Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

Spinach Sausage Soup
Chock-full of potatoes, Italian sausage and spinach, this hearty Spinach Sausage Soup is sure to disappear fast. Not only is it delicious and quick, but it freezes well. Adjust the amount of broth to suit your family's preference.
—Bonita Krugler, Anderson, Indiana

More Uses for Packet Mixes

  • For burgers with extra pizzazz, combine 2 pounds of ground beef with an envelope of ranch salad dressing mix. I form the seasoned meat into patties before grilling them.
    —Carolyn Zimmerman, Fairbury, Illinois
  • I like to add browned and crumbled Italian sausage to my baked beans along with some brown sugar and a little dry onion soup mix.
    —Connie E., Cambridgeshire, England
  • When throwing together a meat loaf meal, remember this time-saving treatment: Add 3/4 cup of uncooked oats and an envelope of Italian salad dressing mix to 1 pound of ground beef. Add enough water to form a loaf and surround it with potatoes, carrots and onions before baking.
    —Rachel Gorski, Naples, Florida
  • To give spark to a roasted turkey breast, sprinkle on dry onion soup mix before putting it in the oven. With frequent basting, the flavor goes right through the meat.
    —Dorothy W., Au Gres, Michigan
  • I give ranch flavor to chicken drumsticks in no time. Empty an envelope of ranch salad dressing mix and an 8-1/2-ounce box of corn bread/muffin mix into a plastic bag. Dip the drumsticks in milk, then shake them in the bag. Place in a greased baking dish and bake.
    —Aileen DeHamer, Cedar, Iowa
  • I discovered a terrific way to cook a beef roast. My roast goes into the pan with a package of onion soup mix, a can of mushrooms and some coffee. It turns out tender, juicy and delicious.
    —Ann H., Nashville, Tennessee
  • I like to make split pea soup in my slow cooker. The last time I prepared it, I emptied an envelope of onion soup mix into the soup. It was delicious!
    —Alice Komic, Warren, Michigan
  • I add a tablespoon of dry onion soup mix to a can of green beans to perk them up. This works with fresh green beans, too.
    —Ida Roberts, Fairfax, Oklahoma
  • I like to cook sliced zucchini in vegetable juice with a little dry onion soup mix. Even people who don't normally like zucchini enjoy this dish.
    —Winnie Smith, North Ridge, California