Loose Ends

Pasta and Rice

Have just a handful of either left to use in the box? Try these ideas!

  • Cook it up for a side dish with most any kind of chili.
  • Add cooked rice into soups and stews for a hearty meal.
  • A bit of cooked pasta or rice can create a quick casserole when combined with your favorite meat, veggies and seasonings.
  • Rice is ideal for serving with stir-fries or other Asian-themed meals.
  • Toss pasta with olive oil, garlic and grated Parmesan cheese for an easy meal.
  • Dried pasta is great for a craft project. Get some glue and paper, and see what your kids can create!

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We all know it's great with fries, burgers and hot dogs, but try it with the following:

  • Add some into your canned baked beans before microwaving or while they're warm on the stove.
  • Stir it into your meatball sauce.
  • Spread it on top of your next meat loaf.
  • Turn it into salad dressing with Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, oil and vinegar.
  • Create your own barbecue sauce with ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, mustard and pepper.


Look past peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and try these new uses for jellies:

  • Create an afternoon snack by spreading some on a graham cracker.
  • Sweeten oatmeal by adding your favorite flavor of jelly.
  • Spread strawberry jelly onto pound cake or angel food cake for a sweet treat. Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream.
  • Sweeten glazes with a bit of grape jelly.
  • Use apricot and apple jellies as a sauce for pork dishes. Try serving a bit on the side for dipping.

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It's great with so much more than just tortilla chips!

  • Stir it into rice, black beans and cheese for a tasty dish.
  • Pour over cream cheese and top with shredded cheese for a nice dip with crackers.
  • Try it as a lively condiment for burgers or grilled chicken.
  • Use up the last few tablespoons by stirring it into a pot of chili.
  • Serve it alongside scrambled eggs for a tasty breakfast.

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