To create the ice cream sensations in the May 2010 issue of Simple & Delicious, staff members of Taste of Home, Simple & Delicious and Healthy Cooking magazines teamed up for their own good-hearted version of Iron Chef.

The challenge? Create three of the tastiest ice cream sandwiches possible from a pantry full of goodies. The categories included one for kids, one for adults and one "outside-of-the-box" version that showcased each team's creativity.

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

Crunchy Mint Bites

This version of the ice cream sandwich features mint ice cream frozen between two mini-vanilla wafers. Dip each sandwich into chocolate hard-shell ice cream topping and freeze to harden. Serve in a martini glass for a fun touch.

Irish Coffee Bean Treats

For an adult ice cream treat, crush chocolate-covered coffee beans and stir into vanilla ice cream. Spread mixture between chocolate wafers and freeze. Melt caramels with Irish Cream liqueur and drizzle over sandwiches. Top each one with a chocolate-covered coffee bean.

Luscious Layer Cake

For a special sweet you can't buy at the store, cut three large sugar cookies into the shape of a piece of cake; layer with chocolate ice cream. Spread the top with frosting. Decorate with chocolate curls, sprinkles or even a birthday candle.

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A panel of judges got their ice cream fix for the day as they tried each ice creamy creation and selected three winners to appear in Simple & Delicious. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at their ice cream fun!

Associate Editor John McMillan and Food Editor Peggy Woodward are focused as they rush to assemble their out-of-the-box creation, ice cream sushi, in the allotted two-hour time period.

Editorial Assistant Marilyn Iczkowski and Managing Editor Mary Hanson carefully spoon their signature peanut butter sauce into a plastic bag to pipe onto their ice cream treats.

One team's inventive treat featured brownies sandwiched around vanilla ice cream mixed with mint extract, Bailey's Irish Cream and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. They were then drizzled with chocolate sauce and Andes candies. Yum!

Another team spread Neapolitan ice cream between slices of pound cake, dunked them into a mixture of melted peanut butter chips and cream and then sprinkled them with crushed Oreo cookies, M&M candies or Nerd candies.

The judging panel, Barb Schuetz, Taste of Home editor, Christian Millman, executive editor, and Mary Spencer, Simple & Delicious and Healthy Cooking editor, taste their way through each team's yummy creations.