30 Minute Menu: Quick Meal Amazes

From p. 20 of the May/June 2008 Issue
of Simple & Delicious

Portobello Roast Beef Hoagies Meal

Portobello Roast Beef Hoagies Meal

For Tabitha Freeman, no two meals are the same, but they always have one thing in common…they have to be fast! “For the past 10 years, I’ve either worked two jobs or been going to school while working, so I know all about being too busy to cook,” she says. “Usually I’m racing the clock when I get home…I typically spend just 15-20 minutes cooking dinner.” But what she whips up in that time is amazing!

Take, for example, the delicious supper the Meriden, Connecticut cook sent us. “I can’t remember exactly how I put it together,” she recently said. “But I remember it comes together quick!”

Tabitha FreemanIt all starts with a sandwich—no ordinary sandwich, mind you. Her Portobello Roast Beef Hoagies feature portobello mushrooms, roast beef (Tabitha likes hers rare) and provolone cheese. “It doesn’t get much easier than this,” she says. “My sister and I just love these.”

To accompany her main course, Tabitha fixes Pepperoncini Arugula Salad, which is short on time, but not on taste. “I’m trying to cut processed foods out of my life. I’m not obsessive about it, but fresh food, close to its original source, is where it’s at for me,” she says. This refreshing salad is a perfect example of the kind of food Tabitha enjoys.

To round out the menu, serve elegant Chocolate Cake with Coconut Sauce. “It’s guaranteed to make your sweet tooth happy,” Tabitha says. What’s not to love?