Garden-Fresh Recipes

Make the most of spring produce with these delicious recipes.

Italian Spinach Salad Recipe

Italian Spinach Salad Recipe

Carrot Coins with Thyme
Brighten up plates with a side of colorful Carrot Coins with Thyme, which take only 15 minutes from start to finish. The mild flavors lend big appeal and complement most any entree.
—Edna Hoffman, Hebron, Indiana

Tangy Asparagus Potato Salad
I look forward to making this Tangy Asparagus Potato Salad whenever asparagus season rolls around. It's been our family's favorite for years.
—Debbie Konietzki, Neenah, Wisconsin

Italian Spinach Salad
Here's a quick, colorful veggie salad as refreshing as springtime itself. Italian Spinach Salad is also pretty as a picture and a great way to use up all those extra hard-cooked Easter eggs!
—Gloria Warczak, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Rhubarb Lemon Muffins
My father has a rhubarb plant and gives me some every spring. I stew a portion of it for him, but always save a little for a new recipe. Rhubarb Lemon Muffins is one of the tastiest I've tried.
—Kathleen Smith, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Asparagus-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Want to turn chicken into restaurant-quality gourmet fare? You can’t get much quicker than Asparagus-Stuffed Chicken Breasts drizzled with a luscious lemony sauce and sprinkled with toasted almonds. This easy microwave recipe has been a family favorite for many years.
—Renee Smith, Clinton Township, Michigan

Almond Strawberry Salad
Everyone loves this pretty salad that's topped with strawberries and sliced almonds. With just a few ingredients, Almond Strawberry Salad is loaded with flavor.
—Renae Rossow, Union, Kentucky

Cookies 'n' Cream Berry Desserts
This sweet berry treat makes an especially pretty final course in the spring. With berries, a creamy topping and a sprinkle of meringue cookies, Cookies 'n' Cream Berry Desserts always earn praise.
—Lillian Julow, Gainesville, Florida

Spring Produce Cooking Tips

  • In spring, I clean and chop fresh rhubarb, then place 3-cup portions in a freezer bag. In summer, I do the same with strawberries. With the premeasured ingredients, I can make strawberry-rhubarb jam whenever we want it.
    —Harriet Miller, Stewartville, Minnesota
  • A sprinkling of aniseed is the key to mouth-watering rhubarb pie and sauce.
    —Kathryn L., Port Clinton, Ohio
  • Look for rhubarb stalks that are crisp and brightly colored. Tightly wrap in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Wash the stalks and remove the poisonous leaves before using. One pound of rhubarb yields about 3 cups chopped.
    —Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen
  • When fresh asparagus is plentiful and inexpensive, stock up. Blanch, cool and store it covered with water in containers in the freezer. When thawed, it tastes just like fresh-picked.
    —Estelle M., Gobles, Michigan
  • I dress up cooked, diagonally sliced carrots by coating them with French dressing and a sprinkling of dill weed. Guests comment on how lovely and tasty these carrots are.
    —JoAnn C., San Jose, California
  • I was reluctant to eat nutritious raw carrots until I tried dipping them in honey. I like it so much I may start eating more carrots.
    —Felix B., Fairmont, West Virginia
  • I make spinach special with just a dash of oregano before cooking.
    —Jackie C., Greenville, South Carolina